Private Guided Tours in TASMANIA - Mountains & National Parks

Tasmania has lots of tourist destinations for nature lovers. Travelling distances are usually short and there is a good network of roads. Pristine beaches, rolling farmlands, historic villages, wild rivers, temperate rainforest and mountains wilderness are all less than a half-day’s drive from either of beautiful city of Hobart.  Clean waters and rich soil produce a cornucopia of exceptional fare - salmon, tuna, crayfish and abalone from cold seas; wild trout, seasonal fruits and berries, exceptional beer made from purest water and hopes, elegant cool-climate wines acclaimed cheese.

Our local tour guides offering many interesting and original private tours across Tasmania. 

A drive of less than 2hr from Hobart to north – northwest takes you to the edge of vast, World Heritage-listed wilderness, a bushwalkers’ paradise of mountains, moorland, tallest forest in Australia, splendent Russel falls, wild rivers, gorges and impressive mountain lakes. There are plenty of wild wallabies, kangaroos and possums on the road to Gordon Dam as well. You will be impressed by the immense Dam on Gordon Lake. Also, do not forget to visit the first salmon farm in Australia with very tasty caviar or salmon pancakes on a way to Russell falls.

For nature lovers this is the must take private guided tour off the Harbour.