Dolphins in Port Stephens

From November till May you could watch wild dolphins in Port Stephens.

Port Stephens on the Mid North Coast of NSW is the perfect place in Australia to observe dolphins in the wild and is home to around 150 bottlenose dolphins. We offering our tourist the most experienced Cruise company, having an intimate knowledge of the different pods in the Port and 99% success rate with dolphin sighting on all our dolphin cruises.

Often more dolphins join the locals in the Bay from the headlands and the offshore beaches.

When large school of spurning mullets come down the river, you might also encounter, much larger oceanic bottlenoses coming from far away to share the feast.

Going to watch wild dolphins is not like going to the zoo! The behaviour of wild dolphins is very complex and the experience is always unique as dolphins migrate through the Bay during the day.

The dolphins we encounter might be travelling from one feeding ground to another; they could be interacting, playing or mating or they could be chasing fish, foraging in pairs or in pods. Sometime they form a mega-pod when chasing large school of fish… Dolphins need to rest but unlike humans they cannot sleep, so resting is done in group moving very slowly in a motion we call logging.

Bottlenose dolphins have one of the most complex behaviour in the an animal world and a pleasure to watch. We are looking forward to meet you onboard and share our passion for what we call the people of the sea!  Additional info -